unwanted spaces in formatted feed input

Valentin Nechayev netch+inn at lucky.net
Mon Jul 8 07:31:44 UTC 2002

We use feed to file to write log of incoming articles with more detailed
info than in standard incoming log, used for statistics and in troubleshooting.
Newsfeeds entry is


Parsing of its for daily incoming statistics fails on some entries
(100-200 per day) when path contains spaces; in that case it is written
to log literally, and these spaces conflict with spaces as feed data entry
separators. Some examples:

1025825712 news.kiev.sovam.com 6426 carrier.kiev.ua!news.kiev.sovam.com!Svitonline.COM!newsfeed.sovam.com!news.maxwell.syr.edu!news.alt.net!Mantra Corporation <USA-0914.20020704 at news.mantra.com> @0303425546463036000000047A4B00000085@ alt.fan.jai-maharaj,soc.culture.indian,soc.culture.usa,alt.parenting,alt.abortion
(space in 'Mantra Corporation' as last path entry)

1025830339 news.kiev.sovam.com 3278 carrier.kiev.ua!news.kiev.sovam.com!Svitonline.COM!newsfeed.sovam.com!diablo.netcom.net.uk!netcom.net.uk!btnet-peer!btnet-peer0!btnet-feed5!btnet!bt !not-for-mail <ag2qu2$91h$1 at pheidippides.axion.bt.co.uk> @030342554646303600000006EE3800000085@ rec.crafts.textiles.quilting
(space in 2nd entry before tail)

Inn in use is 2.3.2. AFAIS this wasn't fixed in 2.3.3.

Can it be fixed easily or we should use more complicated parser than
perl's split()?


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