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Fri Jun 28 02:12:10 UTC 2002


Dear Sir,

it is my interest to intimate you on this transaction hereon based on mutual understanding and co-operation. I am a senior Manager at UNION (Bank)Head Office here in NIGERIA The nature of this business requires trust and extreme confidentiality and I want to request that you should handle it in the strictest terms. 

A very wealthy deceased customer of our bank, Mr. Talbot Camara - a Sierra Leonean and one time minister for natural resources in that country left the sum of Twenty One Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (U.S$21.2m) in a special domiciliary account with our bank since his death in 1998. In his Will which has just been made available to us by his Lawyer and family, he shared his other money located in some other bank accounts judiciously among his family members and local welfare organizations,but requested specifically that the $21.2m in this account with our bank be given 100% to a foreign organization or individual trustee who will utilize it strictly for charity. 

In this Will also, he gave sole authority for the nomination of this foreign trustee to his personal Lawyer - Mr. Donald Lukeman and the Head of the Domiciliary Account Department of my bank,which position I am occupying at the moment. So,the choice of a foreigner for this project is in strict compliance with the Wish of the deceased account holder who believes that the fund will be better utilized by a foreign trustee since there will be no interference or manipulation by local authorities. 

Due to the exigencies of NIGERIAN legislation, there became the need to acquire a Letter Of Administration from the NIGERIAN Probate Registry to give legal impetus to the execution of this Will in NIGERIA. For this reason, the execution of this Will could not materialize until last month when the court in NIGERIA issued the final Letters Of Administration. Having secured this Letters Of Administration from the court, the authority for the appointment of an administrator for this fund now lies solely in my hands and that of the Attorney. 

Both of us (Myself and the Attorney) have met several times over this issue and have agreed mutually among ourselves to transact this business in such a way that it will be beneficial to us. In fact, we have decided to utilize only 20%of this fund for charity while reserving the rest for ourselves. After deducting the overall cost (both foreign and local) incurred in executing this project,whatever balance left from the outstanding 80%will be shared equally between myself, the Attorney and the foreign partner who will assist us to receive this money as the appointed trustee. 

Also, the foreign partner will receive in addition to his share, the 20% earmarked for Charity under the strict agreement that this part must be spent for Charity through him or his organization in compliance with the wish of the late account holder. My reason for contacting you is therefore to solicit for your cooperation in this project so that your name or that of your company can be used as the appointed foreign trustee to whose care this money will be transferred. 

However, it will require that you shall be physically present here in NIGERIA, with my assistance to complete the necessary procedures.There is absolutely no risk involved as we have the copy of the Will and Letters of Administration to back the transaction. But you must also understand that a transaction of this nature and magnitude requires absolute secrecy so that no one else hears about it especially, our mutual agreement to utilize and disburse this fund as stated in the paragraph above. kindly mail me urgently on accepting the transaction so that we can commence work immediately.also do enclose your telephone and fax numbers. 


Best Regards, 


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