fred ogu fredogu at usa.com
Mon Nov 4 17:52:27 UTC 2002

Dear Friend,

I am passing through some difficulty which I believe that I cannot go through without a foreign partner or assistance.

This piece of information I am about to share with you if given serious attention I believe it will benefit both of us at the end of
the day.

I am Dr FRED OGU,former chairman of N.D.D.C in Delta state Nigeria, I was relieved from my appointment as the chairman of N.D.D.C and I was detained
for a year and seven months by the Federal Government of Nigeria because I diverted $78,000,000 for myself from the account of the N.D.D.C.Right now,I have been released and asked to refund the money. I have already refunded $30,000,000 of the said fund.

Since that period all my movements is been monitored by the Federal and state government and their security operatives, so please I will like to send the remaining $48,000,000 to you so that you can keep it for me until I find my way  over to your country where I wish to invest this fund.

I have already concluded arrangements with diplomat that will take charge of getting the money across to you in cash without any hitch.

The main reason I wish to move this fund out of the country is because if I attempt to invest these funds in the country, the Federal government will
get to	know about it and they will seize the company, so you can see why I decided to use the means I am about to use in sending the funds out
of the country.

I will first of all send my daughter to you, before I finally find my way to your country.

meanwhile, I will appreciate if you will accept to be my Funds managers over there, in other to ensure that this fund is properly managed and channel
into a profitable business venture in your country.

Once I get confirmation from you, we shall discuss your benefit for assisting me in this transaction.

I await your urgent response, all corresponded should be forwarded to this my private email addresses below.

fredogu at usa.com

dr_fredogu at mail.com

Best Regards

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