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 The Best 99 Fundraising Case Studies

Hidden Secrets of how nonprofits and charities are using the internet... 

Dynamic Internet Applications 


Why you Need this Manual Let's be frank - other NGOs, nonprofits and
charities are racing ahead of you with their successful internet

However, now, NGO Resources Worldwide has published the first manual of 137
DYNAMIC INTERNET APPLICATIONS by for NGOs, Nonprofits and Charities. 

This manual and the associated daily updates will keep you abreast of
exciting developments in this rapidly expanding arena. 

You will see how your peers - both locally and worldwide - are using the
internet for 
  * Fundraising  
  * Marketing (including direct one-to-one marketing) 
  * Communications (both intranets and newsletters) 
  * Membership Bonding  
  * Building Communities  
  * Taking management programs online 
  * Boosting Resources and  
  * Reducing operational expenses by using ISPs. 

There are 137 examples in the Dynamic Internet Applications Manual, plus you
will also receive daily updates for the next six months.  

We have been operating since 1989 providing business-to-business support to
NGOs, nonprofits and charities. Our manuals are acclaimed internationally
arebeing used by - among others -  
  * The Fundraising Institute of Ireland (Dublin),  
  * Telfair Museum of Art (Savannah, Georgia),  
  * Asociacion Andes (Cusco, Peru),  
  * New Plymouth Hospital Foundation (New Zealand),  
  * Save the Children Australia (Melbourne),  
  * United Nations Development Agency (Geneva),  
  * Metro Food Bank (Halifax, Nova Scotia),  
  * Awana Church Clubs International (Streamwood, Illinois) 
  * Cancer Council Australia (Sydney),  
  * PVHMC Foundation (Pomona, California),  
  * Hale School (Perth, Australia),  
  * CIMMYT (Mexico City),  
  * Papanui Softball Association (Christchurch, New Zealand). 
  * Center on Wisconsin Strategy (Madison, Wisconsin) 
  * The City of Littleton (Colorado) 
  * Open Door Crisis Center (Natal, South Africa) 
  * Marketing Department, Universitat Witten (Germany) 
  * Center for Communications Programs, John Hopkins University (Baltimore) 
  * Jesuit Refugee Services (Sydney, Australia) 
  * Texas Mental Health Consumers (Austin, Texas) 

The examples are not geographic specific - like the internet, the examples
come from everywhere. Here are some examples of what is happening in the
world-wide nonprofit sector: 

Comic Relief raises £3.6 m. on-line
In mid 2001, the UK charity Comic Relief completed its Red Nose campaign - a
six-week program of events held every second year. Overall they raised £45
million, but significantly £3.6 million was raised on-line, and 85% of that
came during the six-hour television (comedy) special. Only £400,000 was
raised on-line during the whole of the previous 1999 campaign.  

Best fundraising auction sites
Auction sites on the internet are proving popular with community business
enterprises with product to sell. Goods such as pottery items produced by
clients of a medical rehabilitation agency, second hand clothing, toys,
furniture and first aid kits are among those finding a ready market. The
method adopted is generally to advertise the selling price as the "minimum

Charity Flowers in expansion mode
The earned income venture Charity Flowers - started 18 months ago by the
Adelaide Central Mission and Variety Australia - has gone onto the net under
the umbrella of Wesley Mission with financial support from the Commonwealth
Bank of Australia. To put some marketing voltage into the venture, it placed
50,000 inserts into the Australian Women's Weekly.  

Shareware still available
Small organisations may not be fully aware that shareware still remains
available on the internet for simple applications. For example, if you want
to save on the costs of having raffle tickets printed or like the
convenienceof creating your own raffle tickets.  

Exceptional CBE website
A truly exceptional website is uncommon for community business enterprises.
However one particular exception is the website sponsored by the St George
Foundation for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. It will set
the benchmark for some time and is definitely worth a look. 

Internet encourages niche associations
The internet is a boon for niche associations such as the Professional
RésuméWriting and Research Association. This association was created to
provide a standard for résumé writing excellence. By offering accreditation
and on-line peer networking opportunities, these niche associations attract
isolated and remote specialists that feel the need to provide credentials to
their client base.  

The check is in the e-mail
The internet auction industry has spawned a direct-payment industry to
enablecash transactions to be made via e-mail. The system is much less
expensive for charities than having a credit card merchant account and
anyonewith an e-mail address can send money to anyone else with an e-mail
address, whether the recipient has an account or not. The largest niche
player with this new financial service is PayPal - bigger even than

New technology boosts email marketing
The Institute of Direct Marketing has commissioned electronic marketing firm
StreamCity to produce a video email campaign to promote their forthcoming
charity event. Features of the video email include online registration, the
facility to send to a friend, and subtitling. 

Email Bombardment wins e-mail award
Amnesty International has won the award for best use of e-mail in the
Revolution Magazine Awards for the Digital Economy 2001. The award
recognisedthe use of e-mail and SMS messaging in Amnesty's Stop Torture

Guidelines for on-line fundraising
Final editorial changes are being made to new guidelines for online
fundraising to be published by the Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers
(ICFM). The current standard will be updated annually as new on-line
fundraising techniques develop. 

New style low-bandwidth bookshop 
International relief agency Oxfam has launched its new bookshop website,
withdesign, hosting and data supplied by sponsors. The new site has been
designed to serve Oxfam's existing and very diverse customer base. Unlike
many new websites, this one has been designed for users of normal 56k
modems,as a result of research that revealed that the majority of visitors
did not yet have access to high-speed connections.  

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