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SearchandList.com a new concept in Internet Search Engines

Dear Partner on the Internet,

Sierra Marketing/Searchandlist.com would like you to present to your network
an incredible opportunity to expose their members and affiliates to a
fantastic new search engine. Searchandlist.com offers a unique online
directory that everyone who needs exposure to the public, in a big way,
should be a part of. To review an executive summary and complete outline of
our services click here[1] and hit send.

What we would like to address at this time is a strategic alliance that will
benefit not only searchandlist.com, but your network organization as well.

Our proposal is this. As you will see below the entire cost of a listing is
simply $30 U.S., with the basic listing good for life. That's it! Nowhere
cantheir members and affiliates expose their businesses to so many millions
of potential customers for so little! And here is the best part! We will pay
you! For every person you refer to and lists with searchandlist.com we will
share a percentage of the listing fee of $30 with you. This is truly a win
win situation.

Think about it for just a second and I'm sure you will see that this will be
a great partnership. You will be able to add a revenue stream that will not
require any overhead on your part. All you will do is refer all your
members,through your current communications to searchandlist.com. Members
will be able to sign up on line and you will be paid! That's it! Exposure
online has become a necessity for everyone in business for himself or
herself. Where else can you get exposure to millions of people worldwide for
$30, for a lifetime!!!

This program offers a fabulous opportunity for both parties involved, and
with very little effort on your part. Your participation will include a
predominant presence on our site as a sponsor with appropriate promotion. We
look forward to launching this program with you soon.

If you have any questions concerning our proposal, please contact me

Michel Prettyman
Sierra Marketing, Inc.
michel at searchandlist.com
(480) 659-5421

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