Our doctors will make you slim and trim ffujk h axpspduc

Kara Lawson kylasue at msn.com
Thu Dec 11 08:35:06 UTC 2003

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<html>Our doctors will make you slim and trim ffujk h axpspduc
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<center><h2><font color=3D"#00CC66" face=3D"verdana"><hr>Convenient Qualit=
y Medications<br>For Less <hr></font></h2></center>
<center><h5><font color=3D"#00CC66" face=3D"verdana">Phentermine Xenical A=
dipex Meridia Prozac Zoloft Soma Ambien<br>Levitra Viagra Paxil Celebrex F=
ioricet Zyban Flexeril Skelaxin Tramadol Ultram Vioxx Buspar</font></h5></=
center><center><H3><font color=3D"#00FF00" face=3D"verdana">Hundreds more =
on-site<br>Wholesale ~ Private ~ Overnight<br>No previous prescription req=
uired<br>For ADULTS with valid medical needs<br><br>Helping you enjoy life=
 !<br>Legally<br></font></h3></center><br><center><h2><font color=3D"#FFFF=
FF" face=3D"verdana"><a href=3D"http://www.verybestmeds.com">Saving you ti=
me and money</a></font></h2></center>
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