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<center><h3><font color=3D"#FF00FF" face=3D"verdana">Bob Hope, JFK, Marily=
n Monroe, Wayne Newton, Dick Clark, <br>
    Queen Elizabeth, George Burns, Cher, Rod Stewart <br>
     Celebrities, Politicians, Athletes, and even Doctors</font></h3></cen=
ter><center><h5><font color=3D"#FFFFFF" face=3D"verdana">Have used HGH wit=
h great success to be the best they could possibly be.<br>HGH is recognize=
d around the world as the<br> "hormone to replace"<br> to combat the adver=
se affects of aging.<br>It is a documented truth.<br>  Celebrities and pol=
iticians have used, and ARE USING,,<Br> HGH <br> to prolong their  minds,<=
br> their creative abilities, and  to prolong healthy lives.<br>HGH has be=
en proven to be "solely responsible" in the maintenance of their youthful<=
br>"movie star good looks" decades beyond those that have yet to discover =
HGH ! <br><br>Ever wonder how certain celebrities manage to look so young =
and stay 
    so fit at their age??</font></h5>
</center><center><h3><font color=3D"#FFFFFF" face=3D"verdana">HGH is the g=
uaranteed answer !<br>With a 100% Money Back Guarantee !</font></h3></cent=
er><br><center><H4><font color=3D"#FFFFFF" face=3D"verdana"><a href=3D"htt=
p://www.fisha.biz/hgh/?buster">Now available and very much affordable for =
you !<br>Learn More Right Here</a></font></h4></center>
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