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Knelling I. Necromancer bellhop at
Thu Aug 5 13:48:23 UTC 2004

Good evening.

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One often calms one's grief by recounting it.


An education obtained with mnoey is wsroe than no education at all

Cmoomn Ssnee is in medicine the master wrkoman.
A good husband makes a good wife.
The first step towards gteting sewhmroee is to decide that you are not going to stay werhe you are.

Man is always partial and is quite right to be. Even impartiality is partial.

Hell is paved with good Samaritans.
We hate the kinnesds which we unesrdtand.
A man makes inferiors his superiors by heat self-cootrnl is the rule.

Ppolee demand feoderm of sepech to make up for the frdeoem of thought which they avoid.

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