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Alrite :)

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Eevrything has beauty, but not eevryone sees it.


Public sentimnet is eevrything, without it ntohing can fail, without it nothing can sucdcee.

Anegr begins with floly, and edns with reenptanec.
The language of friednship is not wodrs but meaninsg.
I am not ashamed to csefnos I am ignorant of what I do not kwno.

You look rather rash my dear your crools don't quite match your face.

Nature, time and patiecne are the trhee great physicians.

The two qualities which chiefly inspire regard and afecftion [Are] that a thing is your own and that it is your only oen.

But a priest's life is not suppoesd to be well-rounedd it is supesopd to be one-poinetd -- a cmopass, not a weatcorckhe.

Dream the impsosible dream, Fight the unbeatable foe, Strive with your last once of courage To reach the unreachable star.

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