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This year, W= ashington youth soccer clubs will be evaluating the use of
online registr= ation and management for their clubs. This evaluation will
include compar= ing the solution, support, training, reputation and costs of
Count Me In = and other online providers including the state=E2=80=99s
recommended provider. = This is an important decision that should be based
onaccurate complete i= nformation.

Since 2001, Count Me In has been the = largest provider of complete soccer
solutions to Washington State soccer = clubs. We have an excellent
reputationfor providing the best solution ye= ar after year together with
exceptional support, straight forward pricing= and unlimited free
professional training.

WSYSA,= Count Me In and other vendors should make every effort to provide
comple= te information to Washington clubs and associations to assist them
inmak= ing a truly informed decision. This includes providing accurate
informati= on relative to additional future costs to the clubs and an
accurate list = of which organizations have actually signed up to use the
state=E2=80=99s recom= mended vendor. On behalf of Washington youth soccer
clubs and Count Me In= , these requested corrections are detailed

= Additional Fees
Washington clubs should be made aw= are of the potential additional fees
charged by the state=E2=80=99s vendor befo= re they sign up. For example, we
understand that the state is still negot= iating with its vendor over the
fees for the referee module. The recommen= ded vendor=E2=80=99s standard fee
structure for its referee module is: a $100 s= et-up fee plus a per game fee
of $1.00 - $3.50 per game subject to an ann= ual minimum per club of $500.
This module alone could increase a club=E2=80=99s= costs by thousands of
dollars thus increasing the per player cost dramat= ically. The unspecified
additional costs for new modules that may be mark= eted to clubs after they
sign up could easily exceed the introductory tea= ser $2.50 per player
registration fee.

Count Me i= n does not charge additional fees for additional functionality,
thus elim= inating future surprisesand unexpected expenses for our Clients.
This in= cludes our current referee, merchandising and scheduling
functionality as= well as all new functionality we release. We charge a
fixedper registra= tion fee that will not increase during the initial term
orrenewal period= for the life of the relationship between Count Me In and
our clients. Co= unt Me In clients are assured of paying the same per player
registration = fee in 2010 as they did in 2004. The state=E2=80=99s
recommended vendor also ha= s a fee escalation clause in their contract.

Credit Ca= rd Processing
We also suggest that WSYSA, the state=E2=80=99s ven= dor and individual
clubsfurther research the representations being made = about Merchant of
Record accounts both on the state=E2=80=99s website and in di= strict and
association presentations as we believe these are under statin= g the actual
costs to the clubs. We understand that a club=E2=80=99s actual Mer= chant of
Record credit card rate is 2.35% plus $.31 per transaction and t= hat this
rate IS NOT AFFECTED IN ANY WAY by the number of clubs that set = up
Merchantof Record accounts through Wells Fargo.

Unlike the state=E2=80=99s recommended vendor, Count Me In processes
million=s of dollars in transactions as the Merchant of Record for hundreds
of ou= r clients and as a result we are able to save clients money by
passingth= rough lower credit card costs. We also reduce the financial
management bu= rden of our clients.

Corrections To The Website
The WSYSA website includes a list of associations that have alleg= edly
signed up to use the state=E2=80=99s recommended vendor. This list errantl=
yincludes the names of some organizations that have not signed up for th=
eseservices including clubs that are currently and remain to be Count Me= In
clients in 2005. Listing clubs as associations and including Count Me= In
clients on this list is confusing and misleading.

= Count Me In 2005 Soccer Program
In early January, Count Me= In will be formally announcing our 2005 Soccer
Program. The benefits to = Clubs will be compelling. This industry leading
Program will include the = formal announcement of exciting new functionality
uniquely provided by Co= unt Me In, an expanded equipment donation program
for clubs (we donated m= ore than $50,000 in soccer equipment to Washington
clients in 2004), more= attractive pricing and even a Money Back Guarantee.
You can view a narr= ated walk-thru demonstration of our complete solution
and request additio= nal information by clicking on the links immediately
below.View Demo[1]More Info.[2]

Count Me In has a long history of support= ing Washington youth soccer at
theclub level as a technology partner and= donor. Our staff members are club
parents, volunteers and coaches in loc= al clubs. We remain committed to
supporting youth soccer in our state.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss designation o= f Count Me In as a
preferred WSYSA vendor in 2005.

Best wishes,

Joe Petrucci
Vice President, Sales &Service
Count Me= In Corporation
(425) 638-9002

Count Me In Corpor= ation
411 - 108th Ave NE Suite 720
Bellevue, WA 98004Tel (425) 638-9000
Fax (425) 455-2257


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