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I have installed configured INN News. I need to make several Old Public
Newsgroups Read  only for users. How do I do it ?


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keshava prasad <hnkeshav at> writes:

> 1.I have created a news group iso.general and all the users are using 
> it. I want to rename it to hp.general is there any way to do this 2.
> How do I copy all news  from one news group(iso.general) to another 
> account (hp.general)

INN doesn't really support newsgroup renaming as such.  There are a few
things that you can do that sort of approximate it, but none of them are
quite perfect.

The best thing may be to just make the old group read-only (changing it to
mode n with ctlinnd should do this) and then create the new group and tell
people to start using it.

Another approach would be to create the new group, copy the postings from
the old group into the new group, build overview for the new group with
tdx-util -R, and then ctlinnd renumber that group.  That might mostly work,
although the articles will still have the old newsgroup name in the
Newsgroups and Xref headers (although you could fix that by hand with a

> 3. How do I delete posted news from the server.

ctlinnd cancel '<message-id>'.  Don't forget the '' around the message ID.

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