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PayPal Team secureserv at paypal.com
Sun Jul 17 23:17:14 UTC 2005



      Dear PayPal customer. Please read this message and follow it`s

   We are performing maintenance, which may interfere with access to your
Online Services. 
Due to these technical updates your online service has been flagged and we
must confirm that you are the rightful owner of the service. 
To Confirm Your Identity click the link below,Please make sure you do this
ina timely fashion as we look forward of bringing you updates regulary 
   To get started,please visit the link below: 


   Important information from PayPal. 
This e-mail contains information directly related to your service with
us,other services to whith you have subscribed, and/or any application you
may have submitted. 
PayPal and its service providers are committed to protect your privacy. 

Thanks for your patience as we work together to protect your service. 


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