[INN] #109: nnrpd doesn't return 420 errors for XOVER

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Sat Dec 27 09:28:38 UTC 2008

#109: nnrpd doesn't return 420 errors for XOVER
 Reporter:  iulius  |       Owner:  eagle     
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new       
 Priority:  low     |   Milestone:            
Component:  nnrpd   |     Version:            
 Severity:  normal  |    Keywords:  compliance
 According to RFC 2980, section 2.8:

    If no articles are in the range specified, a 420 error response is
 returned by the server.

 nnrpd (from the beginning of the XOVER command) has always returned a 224
 response with an empty multiline response instead.

 Note that the OVER command properly returns 423 (no articles in that
 range) when that case occurs.  420 is sent when the current article number
 is invalid.

 Impact:  Less information is communicated to the client about why there
 are no overview records returned.  An error response indicating there are
 no valid articles in that range is possibly more informative.

 There is probably no way to fix this now.  Changing the reply codes would
 break a few existing implementations:  it may confuse some clients that
 don't expect to get 420 errors back from overview queries.  Clients may be
 relying on the existing behavior (confirmed with Outlook Express/Windows
 Mail for instance).

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