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 You've heard the buzzwords: Social Media ... Interactivity ... New
Media ... Web 2.0 ... New Communications ... Whatever you call it,
this new age of interactive communications is revolutionizing the way
we talk to employees, shareholders, the media and our customers.

 This intensive 2 day workshop will teach you everything you need to
know to get started. You'll return to your office with a complete
understanding of why social media matters and how the most innovative
companies have already tapped into this new communication technology.
Social media has been around long enough to produce real case studies
by real companies. You'll see them all. And you'll learn from their
triumphs and their mistakes, including:

 How to avoid the five classic mistakes
 How to create a blog that advances the interests of your
organization overnight
 How to use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, widgets and the
dozens of other social media tools at your disposal-as well as which
tools you can't afford to ignore and which aren't worth your time
 Case studies proving social media's worth from the Australian
Tourism Commission, Bob Evans, General Motors and Sun Microsystems
 Social media nightmares? How can these new tools be used against
your company, and what can you do about it now?

 Knowing the Competition

 Besides knowing the customers, it's also important to "Know Your
Enemy." Are your competitors' websites showing up in the organic
results on search engines such as Gogle and Yahoo? Are they using PPC
ads on these sites?

 Most important, this social media boot camp will give you the
ammunition you need to persuade your senior leaders and your clients
to join the Web 2.0 revolution.

 Reaching your customers is a multi step process with great rewards.
Register now and invest in a marketing mix that promotes the strengths
of your industry and allows your business to be found where your
potential customers are looking for right now!

 Why should you attend this seminar? You'll Learn:

 Go beyond just the basics of social media, learn how to use social
media for branding your online reputation.
 Advanced techniques on how to engage others and build trusted
relationships on the social web that in turn can produce leads,
solution selling, and opportunity creation.
 Social media protocol and how this is different from outdated
tradtional marketing techniques.
 Which social media tools to use for your industry, and find where
potential customers are "hanging out", and making the right
connections, at the right time.
 Analysis and optimizing of your social media profiles for greater
credibility and alignment with business objectives.
 Develop techniques to earn greater trust and advocacy on your social
 Understand the principles of the NCP model (networking,
contributing, and participating)
 The importance of video! Learn how to use mobile devices for video

 Implement all of this into a simple,

 manageable strategy in just 2 days! 

 Who Should Attend?

 Marketing Directors

 Corporate Communications Professsionals

 Public Relations Professsionals

 Information Technology

 Crisis Management


 Disaster Recovery

 Regulatory Affairs



 Banking and Finance


 Healthcare and Phrama

 Government Agencies

 Food & Beverage



 Travel and Hospitality

 Boot Camp Information <http://c3i.go2event.net/seminar/my/index.php>
 | You Will Learn <http://c3i.go2event.net/seminar/my/ywl.php>
 | Free Tool Kit

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 | Who Will Benefit <http://c3i.go2event.net/seminar/my/hwb.php>
 | Speaker <http://c3i.go2event.net/seminar/my/speaker.php>
 | Registration <http://c3i.go2event.net/seminar/my/registration.php>

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