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MIB Software, Happy New Year! 
Today I’m offering a complimentary eBook version of The Sales Hiring Handbook. It’s a 113 page guide to improved sales hiring. 

I’m Mike McCandlish, the founder of The McCandlish Group, a search firm that specializes in sales hiring nationally. For 10 years, our clients have been start-ups, small to mid-size companies and Fortune 500. Our specialty search is the VP and/or Director of Sales. 

While researching interview questions for the book, I drew from numerous resources for motivation based questions for first, second and sales manager interviews. There are many sales candidates who can sell your product or services, but the candidates that are motivated by your opportunity are most desirable. 

Additional chapters cover ideas for the following topics:
1. Introduction
2. About Motivation
3. Are you a sales company?
4. The phone interview
5. First Interview questions
6. The second interview
7. Interview questions for sales managers
8. References
9. Issues of age
10. Miscellaneous issues- lie on the resume? Too many moves?
11. Define thy opening
12. Internet postings
13. Sales positions-definitions
14. Negotiating comp plans
15. Working with recruiters
16. Independent reps or sales employee
17. Accepting candidates from other industries-does it work?
18. Candidates from outplacement firms
19. Why consulting as part of recruiting?
20. Our value add for clients
21. Making an offer
22. Sales directors as consultants
23. Successful search stories and solutions
24. Compensation 
25. Gold Nuggets

Just respond to my email offer with eBook request and I’ll send over 2 attachments including the cover/directory and all chapters. Best of luck with your sales hiring in 2010!

Mike McCandlish
The McCandlish Group 
5260 Godown Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43235
p: 614-429-4320  Review our video!

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