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Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC)_________________________________

TEC Newsletter - Inside Edition
Monday February 28, 2011
Volume 2 Issue 2


- What Do Companies Want from a BI System? Preview Our New Report
  and Find Out
- Coming Soon: Evaluate Workforce Talent Management Software
- TEC to Present at Upcoming info360 Conference
- Software Certification: Recent Highlights 
- Presenting TEC's BI Buyer's Guide
- Coming Soon: TEC's ERP Buyer's Guide
- TEC Launches French-language Newsletter to Over 50,000 Subscribers
- Australasian Consultants Solution Minds Signs On for Another Year as 
  a TEC Preferred Partner
- ERP Failure: When Best Practices Meet Real Life


What Do Companies Want from a BI System? Preview Our New Report 
and Find Out
TEC is developing a new series of reports analyzing trends in demand for
enterprise software. And we want to know what you think.

Follow the link below to download your free preview copy of the first 
report in the series. It examines the high-level priorities of companies
that are evaluating business intelligence (BI) systems, using data from
over 17,000 online software evaluation requests.

Just answer a few short questions, and we'll take you straight to the 

Download your free report now.

Coming Soon: Evaluate Workforce Talent Management Software

Here at TEC we've seen fervent interest in talent management software lately, 
with organizations seeking to attract the best-suited candidates, and to 
develop the best talent for key positions. Companies in a range of industries 
also need systems to capture important events such as skills completions, 
application submissions, and interview responses--and to issue automatic updates
and alerts to appropriate personnel, freeing up vital managerial resources. 

That's why TEC has developed a talent management model for human capital 
management. Organizations will be able to assess talent management software 
in a variety of functionality areas, including: 

- recruitment and staffing

- personnel management

- career development and succession planning

- learning management

- performance and compensation management

- workforce planning

In the coming weeks, the talent management model will be integrated into 
TEC's online software selection and evaluation system, TEC Advisor, and 
our other software selection services.

Stay tuned for details, or contact our Selection Services team for more 

TEC to Present at Upcoming info360 Conference

Taking place March 21-24 in Washington, D.C., this one-of-a-kind international 
conference and expo is for business and IT professionals looking for new ways 
to capture, store, analyze, access, and deliver enterprise information.

In addition to launching a special edition of our 2011 Business Intelligence 
Buyer's Guide at the event,TEC BI Analyst Jorge García will be leading the 
seminar What Do I Get Out of BI?: The Role of Business Intelligence in Your Content 
Strategy at the BI summit portion of the event, on March 23. He'll be discussing 
the role BI plays in extracting value from content sources to benefit business 
decision making. He'll also reveal some of the tools and technologies that BI 
vendors are developing to analyze unstructured content, and examine the ways 
businesses are applying these technologies to extract actionable insights from
their content management systems and from the Internet.

Interested in attending this event? Register at the info360 Web site.

Software Certification: Recent Highlights

When searching for new software to fulfill their business requirements, 
potential buyers would really like to know one thing: is the software going 
to do what it's supposed to do? In other words, do the vendor's feature and 
functionality claims really stand up? TEC can help you answer that 
question--via TEC Certification.

Through product briefings and live demonstrations with vendors, TEC analysts
verify key functionality and features, and query any discrepancies. Once 
certified, a "Certified TEC Product" logo is placed next to the vendor's 
product in TEC's Vendor Showcase, an indicator that the product has passed 
TEC's rigorous standards of assessment--which provides software buyers with 
an objective standard of reassurance.

Find out more about TEC certification.

Recently, TEC certified SmartOrg product Portfolio Navigator (product 
development and portfolio management)

and MicroStrategy product MicroStrategy 9 (BI).

For a list of all recent certifications, visit the TEC home page and click 
the Recent Certifications tab.

You can also download the full certification reports from TEC's White Paper site.

Presenting TEC's BI Buyer's Guide

To stay competitive, organizations of all sizes need to make better business 
decisions based on reliable data and analysis. Business intelligence (BI) 
solutions can help, empowering users within an organization to access the 
information they need, with less reliance on valuable IT resources. What's 
more, cost barriers that previously inhibited smaller companies from reaping 
the benefits are falling away, with BI options built to scale. 

TEC has developed a 2011 BI Buyer's Guide for small to medium businesses (SMBs)
and large enterprises. This guide will provide 

- an analysis of the state of the BI market, including a vendor matrix,

- case studies, and

- a BI/business performance management (BPM) vendor directory.

TEC's Buyer's Guide will also contain a special section devoted to software 
as a service (SaaS) for BI. 

TEC will be launching a special edition of its 2011 Business Intelligence Buyer's
Guide at the info 360 Business Intelligence (BI) summit on March 23, in Washington,
D.C., and will discuss the role that a BI system can play in your content strategy--and
how it can unlock the valuable information that's hiding in your content systems.

Coming Soon: TEC's ERP Buyer's Guide

With supply and consumer demand constantly changing--and technology introducing 
new ways for business partners to interact--manufacturers have had to quicken 
the pace of their production cycles and reduce their time to market. These are 
only a few of the many reasons for manufacturers to look toward more robust 
enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that can handle complex operations 
across departments, the exponential growth of data, and more.

TEC's upcoming ERP Buyer's Guide for Medium and Large Manufacturers will 
provide key information to decision makers in the manufacturing industry 
to help them find solutions for addressing changes in their growing business, 
balancing IT costs, and providing more accurate and up-to-date information 
for decision making while increasing productivity and improving the customer

Look for the publication of the guide in April. 


TEC Launches French-language Newsletter to Over 50,000 Subscribers

In mid-February, TEC released Volume 1, Issue 1 of our French-language TEC Newsletter
to over 50,000 subscribers, who can now tap into the latest in software news, 
enterprise trends and analysis, management information, and product and vendor reviews. 

This new publication joins TEC's media roster alongside the Spanish TEC Newsletter,
the Chinese TEC Newsletter,
and the flagship TEC Newsletter,
with a subscription base of nearly 900,000 subscribers worldwide, including C-level 
executives, vice presidents, and line-of-business leaders at Fortune 1000, Global 
2000, midsize, and small enterprises. 


Australasian Consultants Solution Minds Signs On for Another Year as a TEC 
Preferred Partner

TEC is pleased to announce that consultants Solution Minds has renewed its 
preferred partner agreement with TEC for a second year.

The Australasian consulting group Solution Minds offers unbiased advice in 
software selection, specializing in enterprise software and performance 
management solutions. Since January 2010, Solution Minds uses TEC's vast 
knowledge bank of vendor capability, decision support engine--TEC Advisor, 
and expert guidance to help clients in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, 
Thailand, and Indonesia. 


ERP Failure: When Best Practices Meet Real Life

Why do ERP projects fail so consistently? Many explanations have been put
forward through the years, but here's one that may finally unravel the 
mystery. In a recent blog post, learn why the focus on ERP failure is 
fundamentally misdirected--and what must be done to finally stop ERP systems
from disappointing and frustrating management and users alike.

__ ABOUT TEC _________________________________________________________

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is the leading advocate for the enterprise 
software purchaser. By providing objective technology research, detailed 
information about vendors and solutions, Web-based software evaluation and 
selection services, and expert advice, TEC helps private- and public-sector 
organizations choose the best enterprise software solutions for their unique
business needs--quickly, impartially, and cost-effectively.  

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