Winning Cloud Strategies for Manufacturers

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Impartial Software Evaluation and Analysis
March 2, 2011, Vol.4 Issue 26

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**Winning Cloud Strategies for Manufacturers**

*The Manufacturing Executive's View of the Cloud*
Manufacturers have been notoriously slow to embrace the 
cloud--but the promise of a cheaper, simpler, more 
responsive IT infrastructure is turning that reality upside 
down. Learn how manufacturers are now employing 
cloud-based systems to transform how they manage their 
supply chains, improve operations, and gain real-time visibility 
into information across the enterprise.

*Manufacturing IT's New Role in the Cloud* 
One huge benefit of cloud-based computing is the freeing 
up of IT staff from installing, upgrading, and deploying new 
software solutions. But does that mean your IT people have 
no role to play in the cloud-based world? Not at all. Learn 
how smart companies are turning their IT people into strategic 
advisors, uniquely qualified to help the business realize the 
full potential of cloud-based solutions.

*Industry Insider* 
Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic's take on the state of enterprise software today:
Upside Software Remains on Upside of Contract Management Market

*Comparing ERP Software?*	 
Compare ERP software, based on your organization's needs 
and characteristics. It's fast, online, and easy, and you'll see 
the results immediately.

*ERP Fail: When Best Practices Meet Real Life*
Is it really possible to stop ERP systems from 
disappointing and frustrating management and users alike?
**IT White Papers**

Midmarket ERP Solutions Buyer's Guide

ERP: Is High ROI with Low TCO Possible?

The New Mobile Order

7 Must-have ERP Features for Food Manufacturers

Debunking the Top 8 Myths Surrounding Small-business WMS

Achieving Business Value with Network and Application Visibility

CRM Buyer's Guide

The Best-of-class Financial Systems Strategy: An Alternative to ERP Platforms
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