News server gets loaded like anything

Pradiman_K_Pandita pkpandita at
Thu Dec 2 08:35:08 UTC 1999

Hi Friends,
	I have compiled inn2.0 on one of the HP machined with HP-UX 10.2.
The server was running perfectly alright till a month or so but suddenly
started getting loaded up like anything.The news use creates and lot of
defunct process which never get killed and load factor of the machine
shoots up.The only alternative to restart the news is to reboot the
machine a couple of times till the news server is stabilized.
The top does not show any such process which is loading the machine but
the load factor shoots up.
But when I kill all the processes belonging to user news the load
drastically comes down.But I cannot restart the news server mannually.I
have to reboot the machine.

Can some body tell me why the machines gets loaded intermittantly and why
the defunct process are created .Is there any work around for this.
Awaiting your quick response.

Thanx & Regards,

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