mods to readers.conf?

Keith Lewis keithl at
Wed Dec 8 06:57:47 UTC 1999

Hi Folks,

	I'm needing pointers and a reality check here.

	What I would like to do is to combine our Collabra news server into
our INN setup.

	The problem is that various managers have become attached to their 
ACLs that are stored in the LDAP server.

	I would like to add that functionality to INN.  

	Is this a sane thing to do?

	For some time now I've been using a perl script called from an `auth'
realm in readers.conf to determine if a user is valid.  (By binding to LDAP with
their authinfo usercode and password).  This seems to be good.

	So I was wondering if it would be a worthwhile project to make it
possible to call out from an `access' realm to an external program?  Which would
presumably return two strings: post and read.  i.e. a list of groups for which
this user may post and a list of groups this user may read.

	Alternatively I could write a script that translates the ACL's into a
large number of `access' realms on a daily basis, but from the look of things
this would make readers.conf a very large file.

	So has this already been done?  Am I barking up the wrong tree?  Is
there another obvious solution I'm missing?  Would such patches to
nnrpd/perm.c be acceptable?  Any other thoughts?


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