INEWS problem- Can anybody help me? ( INN 2.2.1)

Hans Lambermont Hans.Lambermont at
Tue Dec 14 09:01:19 UTC 1999

Andrew King wrote:

>     I've tracked the "Warning Can't connect to server -- Article will
>     be spooled" back to INEWS. I've seen the postings about this
>     problem last month but there didn't appear to be anything
>     conclusive come from them.  In desparation I patched inews to
>     display  what server it's trying to connect to which resulted in
>     both the ToServer & FromServer appear to be "null". Any ideas why
>     these should be null ?  I've set server, pathhost, domain in
>     inn.conf. What configurable option could I have  missed that
>     controls this?

nntpposthost (or something alike) also nntppostport (or something).

>     Anyone know what the second message is really telling me?  "Can't
>     rename spool file, Invalid cross-device link." For some reason the
>     inews rename of the temp spoolfile is failing, so I can't even use
>     rnews to send the resultant spooled files.  I have a symlink of
>     usr/local/spool to var/spool (var is on a different drive to usr),
>     but I thought INN et al would follow symlinks. What have I missed?

it tries to move a file to the news temp space defined in inn.conf (if
i'm correct) and if your news tmp space is on another fs it fails. We
went through these problems as well ;-)


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