INN 2.3exp on HP-UX 10.20

Ollivier Robert ollivier.robert at
Mon Dec 20 18:14:21 UTC 1999

According to Heath Kehoe:
>  * Make sure you're using a recent snapshot of INN

Yesterday :)
>  * You can use largefiles (configure --with-largefiles)

I haven't configued it because I don't use CNFS and don't have huge files.
>  * get patch PHCO_20440, which adds the 'news' syslog facility to syslogd.
>    That way you can actually use LOG_NEWS.  Speaking of patches, for best
>    results be up-to-date on your HP patches.

I'm up to date except for this one to syslog. Thanks for the pointer.
>    recommend using ovdb (and not just because I wrote it).  You can get
>    ovdb from (though the patch is based
>    on a couple-weeks-old snapshot).  I'm currently working on merging ovdb

I use "tradindexed" along with "timehash". Works fine.

>    with the current snapshot along with more documentation, when I've
>    got that ready I'll try and bribe the maintainers to add it to the
>    INN distribution.

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