INN 2.3exp on HP-UX 10.20

Heath Kehoe hakehoe at
Mon Dec 20 18:06:11 UTC 1999

Yea, I'm running it on HP/UX 10.20, and it works fine, with some caveats.

 * Make sure you're using a recent snapshot of INN

 * You can use largefiles (configure --with-largefiles)

 * set articlemmap (or is it mmaparticle?) in inn.conf to false if
   you are using cnfs; especially if you are using largefiles and have
   buffers bigger than 4G.  Currently, HP/UX mmap can't see past 4G
   (even with largefiles enabled).  This means if you're using
   buffindexed, the buffindexed buffers must be smaller than 4G.

 * get patch PHCO_20440, which adds the 'news' syslog facility to syslogd.
   That way you can actually use LOG_NEWS.  Speaking of patches, for best
   results be up-to-date on your HP patches.

 * I don't recommend using buffindexed, because HP/UX is very lazy about
   flushing changes made to an mmap-ed region back to the file, and if
   you have a crash, or even if you reboot without first propery shutting
   of all news processes, you'll wind up with a corrupted buffindexed,
   requiring a complete rebuild of overview with makehistory.  I do
   recommend using ovdb (and not just because I wrote it).  You can get
   ovdb from (though the patch is based
   on a couple-weeks-old snapshot).  I'm currently working on merging ovdb
   with the current snapshot along with more documentation, when I've
   got that ready I'll try and bribe the maintainers to add it to the
   INN distribution.


>Do we have any report/insight on compiling/running 2.3exp on HP-UX 10.20 ?
>HP-UX has longstanding issues with mmap(2) and 2.3exp uses mmap(2) rather
>Thanks for any idea,
>Ollivier ROBERT -=- Eurocontrol EEC/TEC -=- roberto at
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