INN 2.3exp on HP-UX 10.20

Ollivier Robert ollivier.robert at
Mon Dec 20 17:39:51 UTC 1999

According to Nicholas Geovanis:
> Browsing through the INN 2.2.1 code and HP doc, the crucial issue seems to
> be the need for msync() calls at appropriate times, and the code appears
> to include those calls where needed. Of course I haven't studied all of
> the code in minute detail. 

Yes, the big issue is mmap() support but I'm very pleased to announce that
2.3exp from yesterday compiled and runs on 10.20 w/o a single problem to
date, including creation and removal of groupes (through ctlinnd). It also
survived news.daily.

With 2.2.1, it was the best way to kill the server. With 2.3exp, I'm an
happy man.
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