INN 2.3 / Missed Articles

Kevin McKinnon kevin at
Wed Dec 29 19:39:18 UTC 1999

Happy impending New Year to all!

We've just (re)upgraded the software on our news server.
The box is a P3-500, 384 MB, dual SCSI-UW controllers, ~56 GB.  
Slackware 7 (Linux kernel 2.2.13) and INN2.3 snapshot 1999-12-22_03-01
We're running CNFS throughout.  The load is typically less than 1.0.

In an effort to improve the 'completeness' of our spool, we've 
recently added more peers to the server, and we're still noticing 
quite a few missed articles.  For example, despite having 2 satellite 
incoming feeds and 4 terrestrial, the MP3 newsgroups have virtually 
*no* multipart postings that are complete.

Can anyone on the list suggest ways of checking where the weak link 
is?  Incoming feeds?  Hardware or software causing dropped articles?

Any advice is appreciated, and thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Kevin McKinnon                                   kevin at
USENET News Server Administrator            newsmaster at
Sunshine Communications Cable Internet   
[INN2.3  feed current:7.2Mbps, peak:7.9Mbps]

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