INN 2.3 / Missed Articles

N niels at
Thu Dec 30 00:59:00 UTC 1999

> We've just (re)upgraded the software on our news server.
> The box is a P3-500, 384 MB, dual SCSI-UW controllers, ~56 GB.  
> Slackware 7 (Linux kernel 2.2.13) and INN2.3 snapshot 1999-12-22_03-01
> We're running CNFS throughout.  The load is typically less than 1.0.
> In an effort to improve the 'completeness' of our spool, we've 
> recently added more peers to the server, and we're still noticing 
> quite a few missed articles.  For example, despite having 2 satellite 
> incoming feeds and 4 terrestrial, the MP3 newsgroups have virtually 
> *no* multipart postings that are complete.
> Can anyone on the list suggest ways of checking where the weak link 
> is?  Incoming feeds?  Hardware or software causing dropped articles?

A full newsfeed is approx. 70-80 GB these days.  You just don't have the
disk space to store articles long enough.  Try `cnfsstat -a' -- I hope you
throw small articles in different cycbuffs than large ones.

Also a possibility: your peers may filter large articles.  Unless your sat
feeds are 4 Mbps or better they will have to make a selection in the
amount of news they send you; it's just not enough.  Unfortunately those
two companies probably made identical decisions on what to cut...

	-- Niels.

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