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Richard Michael Todd rmtodd at
Fri Jul 16 04:05:11 UTC 1999

In message <ylr9mapaxv.fsf at>you write:
>=item I<wireformat>
>Only used with the tradspool storage method, this says whether to write
>articles in wire format.  Wire format means storing articles with \r\n at
>the end of each line and with periods at the beginning of lines doubled,
>the article format required by the NNTP protocol.  Articles stored in this
>format are suitable for sending directly to a network connection without
>requiring conversion, and therefore setting this to true can make the
>server more efficient.  Storage methods other than tradspool always store
>articles in wire format.  This is a boolean value and the default is

Might mention here that the primary reason you'd probably want to *not* 
use wireformat is if you have some old existing software that grovels about
in the spool and was written for the traditional article layout/format.
>=head2 System Tuning
>The following parameters can be modified to tune the low-level operation
>of INN.  In general, you shouldn't need to modify any of them except
>possibly I<rlimitnofile>.
>=item I<blockbackoff>
>Each time an attempted write returns EWOULDBLOCK, innd(8) will wait for an
>increasing number of seconds before trying it again.  This is the
>multiplier for the sleep time.  The default value is C<120>.

Occasionaly one does need to modify this one.  If you're having problems
with channel feeds keeping up, setting this value low (2-3 seconds) helps a lot
as when the channel feed backlogs and the pipe fills, innd will only wait 2
seconds to try again, instead of 2 minutes. 

>=item I<icdsynccount>
>How many article writes between updating the active and history files.
>The default value is C<10>.

IMHO, this default is rather low (think about it, that's flushing the active
file to disk almost every *second* on a system with a fairly full feed.)  I
usually run with 1000, myself.  Of course, for an innd that gets little
traffic (say one set up just to gate some mailinglists into newsgroups) 
waiting for 1000 articles to come in may be too much, and 10 be just right.

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