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Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Jul 16 05:43:19 UTC 1999

Richard Michael Todd <rmtodd at> writes:

> Might mention here that the primary reason you'd probably want to *not*
> use wireformat is if you have some old existing software that grovels
> about in the spool and was written for the traditional article
> layout/format.

Added locally.

> Occasionaly one does need to modify this one.  If you're having problems
> with channel feeds keeping up, setting this value low (2-3 seconds)
> helps a lot as when the channel feed backlogs and the pipe fills, innd
> will only wait 2 seconds to try again, instead of 2 minutes.

I've added a note to that effect.

> IMHO, this default is rather low (think about it, that's flushing the
> active file to disk almost every *second* on a system with a fairly full
> feed.)  I usually run with 1000, myself.  Of course, for an innd that
> gets little traffic (say one set up just to gate some mailinglists into
> newsgroups) waiting for 1000 articles to come in may be too much, and 10
> be just right.

Shall we increase this and document that you may want to decrease it in
that circumstance?  I'd say that the low-traffic cases is the rarer one.

I'm holding off on committing these revisions until I have a chance to add
documentation for the remaining undocumented parameters, since I should be
able to get to that tonight or tomorrow.

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