Compile error under Perl 5.005

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at
Wed Jul 21 01:23:09 UTC 1999

I'm compiling the latest snapshot of inn 2.2, using a RedHat Linux Alpha
system which uses  Perl 5.004m7.  For some reason the test that INN
uses to tell whether to use PL_na or na doesn't work, since this version of
perl seems to define ERRSV, but it defines na, not PL_na.  The offending code
is in lib/perl.c:

/* Perl 5.004 didn't define ERRSV and PL_na was called na. */
#ifndef ERRSV
# define ERRSV GvSV(errgv)
# define PL_na na

Should I just upgrade Perl to 5.005 and forget about it, or should there be
another test in inn?

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