Compile error under Perl 5.005

Michael Hall mhall at
Wed Jul 21 02:38:35 UTC 1999

On Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 09:23:09PM -0400, Paul Tomblin wrote:

> I'm compiling the latest snapshot of inn 2.2, using a RedHat Linux Alpha
> system which uses  Perl 5.004m7.  For some reason the test that INN
> uses to tell whether to use PL_na or na doesn't work, since this version of
> perl seems to define ERRSV, but it defines na, not PL_na.  The offending code
> is in lib/perl.c:
> /* Perl 5.004 didn't define ERRSV and PL_na was called na. */
> #ifndef ERRSV
> # define ERRSV GvSV(errgv)
> # define PL_na na
> #endif
> Should I just upgrade Perl to 5.005 and forget about it, or should there be
> another test in inn?

  I'd upgrade, don't know why RedHat ever decided to distribute that version
but its a known problem. When I finally upgraded to 5.004 I browsed around
the ftp site and grabbed the 'm7' myself and had nothing but problems. Some
one on the majordomo list pointed out to me that it was my version of perl
giving me problems, backed off to the standard 5.004 and my problems went
away. I'm currently running 5.005_03 now and just recompiled INN (an older
CVS version) without problems.

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