new overview method performance

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Sun Jul 25 23:25:53 UTC 1999

As noted a bit before, I'm writing new overview method
named 'buffindexed' which uses 8KB buffer for each index
and data.  The management of the buffer is something
like what cnfs does but it does not use buffers cyclically.
Most of the code seems to work fine for me and I'll commit
after more other testings.  The performance of reader is;

Jul 26 08:03:01 test nnrpd[4089]: reader overstats count 1 hit 220 miss 32943 time 92 size 47791 read 0 dbz 0 seek 0 get 0 artcheck 14

Reader just issued xover for control.cancel.  Testing box
runs tradspool as slave server which receives some
newsgroups from master(full feed).  This is why you see
32943 miss.  Article receiving performance is not tested
yet.  I'll report soon.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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