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Sat Jul 31 02:40:25 UTC 1999

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} 32943 miss.  Article receiving performance is not tested
} yet.  I'll report soon.

I've got attached and my testing slow SS20 now can catch and
keep up with full feeding server without overchan again.

Jul 31 06:14:15 test innd: ME time 600260 idle 27328(18605) artwrite 127398(7617) artlink 0(0) hiswrite 55370(8797) hissync 178(881) sitesend 0(0) artctrl 24060(1776) artcncl 24094(1781) hishave 59834(9749) hisgrep 6021(601) perl 8143(7617) overv 210819(7617)

The new code almost works good but one problem.  Makehistory
dumps core (bus error not segmentation fault) and I can't find
how it comes.  It simply memset() within mmapped area in the
buff.  Maybe I should know more about solaris.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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