INN 2.2.1 ARTICLE Problem

Wolfgang Breyha wbreyha at
Mon Nov 15 09:59:45 UTC 1999


We're currently using INN 2.2.1 and I've troubles of the following kind:

I connect to our server (telnet news 119) and type:

group at.test
211 2 7189 7190 at.test
head 7190
221 7190 <80oar8$13f1n$2 at> head

Ok, so far everything is fine. But if I type now:

head <80oar8$13f1n$2 at>
430 No such article

And last but not least if i do a:
[news at news db]$ grep "at.test/7190" history
<80oar8$13f1n$2 at>   942649002~-~942649001   at.test/7190

Yes it's in there!

Expiration runs fine every night without any errors.
Unfortunatly 99% of the articles can't be retrieved by message-id. And the 
really bad news is that Netscape uses this command to synchronize news for 

This machine is a RedHat 6.0/2.2.13/dual p3-500/1GB RAM with all security 
patches from RedHat available.

INN 2.2.1 is configured with
./configure  --with-perl --prefix=/opt/inn

Everything (really everything) else works pretty fine. Only NNRP can't get 
Articles by Message-ID.

Any ideas?

Greetings from Vienna, Austria,
Wolfgang Breyha
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