Probs with misc.c (in innfeed/) and h_errno

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Nov 13 21:40:46 UTC 1999

Tom Kacvinsky <tjk at> writes:

> Here is the deal:  in ./innfeed, using -D_REENTRANT as a compiler option
> forces /usr/local/include/netdb.h to redefine h_errno as:

> #ifdef _REENTRANT
> extern int * __h_errno __P((void));
> #define h_errno (*__h_errno())
> #else
> extern int h_errno;
> #endif

INN really shouldn't be compiled with threading flags unless it's also
linking against threading libraries, and since it isn't threaded at
present, there's no reason to do that.  One of my pending changes is to
stop using the threaded flags by default.

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