my distaste for readers.conf grows

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Wed Nov 17 00:51:57 UTC 1999


i hope you didn't take my comments (which started this thread) personally. 
For me it's kind of like buying one of those venerable ShopSmith(tm) units 
in order to drill one hole. it's *too* versatile a tool for the very simple 
job i want done. That doesn't mean that there's anything wrong or lacking 
in the ShopSmith(tm) - it's still a great tool, whether or not I need all 
that functionality.

i think what others have echoed is most relevant: more real-world examples 
are needed, since the documentation is pretty sparse.

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At 04:43 PM 11/16/1999 , you wrote:
><lots of positive responses>
>Well, that's a relief!  I've been slowly letting the negatives dig at me
>for the past several months.
>The code is ugly, unquestionably.  It will be rewritten.  I don't know
>when, yet.
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