Readers.conf: help needed (was: my distaste for readers.conf grows)

Elena Samsonova E.Samsonova at
Wed Nov 17 12:01:04 UTC 1999

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Richard Michael Todd wrote:

> I'd say readers.conf is worth keeping, but could desperately
> use a good tutorial.  

Right.  This is what I've been trying to do for the past three days.
Unfortunately, even though the manual page is there now, I actually had to
go and dig the code in order to figure out how the thing works because I
did not understand then man page (I assume).  I am still in the dark
however. :(

It seems there are some people around though who have already figured out
a number of ways to use it.  Therefore I am pleading (!) with you all to
please please please help me here!  Remember, it's not just for me: it's
for the documentation.  Right now I'm stuck.

So, please someone give me working examples of how to achieve the
following configurations with readers.conf:

1) IP authentication: allow unlimited access to the server for anyone
coming from 123.45.67/19.

2) If the person did not come through 1), then have him send you his
user name and password which you can then catch with another program (i.e.
authenticate against Radius or LDAP).

When I have this, I should be able to create a few more configurations on
my own.  Thanks!

If you have another useful example, please send me that as well.  I think
the tutorial will need to include lots of examples.  Readers.conf has a
great potential but we need to know how to use it!


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