Mysterious INN death

Charles Gregory cgregory at
Sat Nov 20 17:50:06 UTC 1999


I'm hoping this is the correct list for questions like these. Our INN
server (UNix/SunOS5.5) has gotten into an odd 'spot' where every time we
start it, it will run for about five-ten minutes then terminate, with no
error message of any kind. During the time it is up it *appears* to
process news properly, permitting reading and posting from local readers.

The only other clue is, when I tried to run inndstart in foreground, when
it terminated it gave the message "Segmentation Fault".

Seg faults are usually programming errors, but as far as I am aware, there
was no change made to any programs or config files in our INN suite. 
This just "started happening" with INN dying around 2300 on Wed Nov 17.

If this "stays up for a few minutes" behaviour is familiar to anyone, I'd
appreciate any insight that may be offered.

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