Mysterious INN death

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Nov 20 18:33:46 UTC 1999

Charles Gregory <cgregory at> writes:

> I'm hoping this is the correct list for questions like these. Our INN
> server (UNix/SunOS5.5) has gotten into an odd 'spot' where every time we
> start it, it will run for about five-ten minutes then terminate, with no
> error message of any kind. During the time it is up it *appears* to
> process news properly, permitting reading and posting from local
> readers.

There's a bug in the parsing of Distribution headers that causes INN to
segfault when it sees a particular malformatted one.  Chances are your
peers are just repeatedly offering you that article.

This bug has been fixed in current STABLE snapshots available from

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