CNFS and our lives

Esen AKYAPI esena at
Tue Nov 23 13:54:40 UTC 1999


	I tried to change the storage method to CNFS since traditional
method had expiring problems. But CNFS don't work.

	I have created a file with command "dd", changed the files
storage.conf, cycbuff.conf, expire.ctl, but the server doesn't seem to
receive feeds and it forwards the mails to the server defined in inn.conf.
I couldn't figure out what has gone wrong. I guess I misunderstood CNFS

PS: I will attach my config files without the command lines, if you would
like to see them. Output of (ctlinnd mode) says server running.			

	(I'm gonna be fired. I can't get this server work :P ..)

				Esen AKYAPI

				tel: 0-312-210.33.54
	         		e-mail: esena at

-- Attached file included as plaintext by Listar --
-- File: cycbuff.conf
-- Desc: CYCBUFF

# Meta cnfs cyclic buffer configuration file (and assignments of newsgroups to
# metacyclic buffers)

# 1. Cyclic buffers


# 2. Meta-cyclic buffers


-- Attached file included as plaintext by Listar --
-- File: storage.conf
-- Desc: STORAGE

# This file is used to determine which storage method articles are sent to
# to be stored and which storage class they are stored as.  

method cnfs {
       newsgroups: soc.culture.turkish
       class: 1
       size: 0,10000
       expires: 1d
       options: SOC1 

-- Attached file included as plaintext by Listar --
-- File: expire.ctl
-- Desc: EXPIRE

##  $Revision: $





-- Attached file included as plaintext by Listar --
-- File: inn.conf
-- Desc: INNCONF

##  $Revision: $
##  inn.conf -- inn configuration data

organization:	        Middle East Technical University	
mta:                    /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi %s
mailcmd:		/usr/local/news/bin/innmail
checkincludedtext:	false
maxforks:		10
maxartsize:		0
nicekids:		4
nicenewnews:		0
verifycancels:	        true	
logcancelcomm:	        true  	
wanttrash:		true
remembertrash:		true
linecountfuzz:	        5	
peertimeout:		3600
clienttimeout:		600
allownewnews:		true
localmaxartsize:	1000000
logartsize:		true
logipaddr:		true
logsitename:		true
maxconnections:		50
artcutoff:		14
icdsynccount:		10
hiscachesize:		2048
readertrack:		false
strippostcc:		false
status:			300
timer:			300
readerswhenstopped:	true
noreader:		false
extendeddbz:	        true	
nnrpdoverstats:	        true 	
storeonxref:		true
nnrpdcheckart:		true
storemsgid:		true
usecontrolchan:		false
mergetogroups:		false
backoffauth:		false
backoffdb:		/usr/local/news/db/backoff
backoffpostfast:	0L
backoffpostslow:	1L
backofftrigger:		10000L
refusecybercancels:     true  	
activedenable:		true
activedupdate:		30
activedport:		1119
nnrpperlauth:		false
# These options are unlikely to need changing in most situations
chaninacttime:		600
chanretrytime:		300
pauseretrytime:		300
nntplinklog:	        true	
nntpactsync:		200
badiocount:		5
blockbackoff:		120
# ---------------------------------
# Changing these options can have an effect on the way articles are
# stored and may require recreating the spool and/or database files
wireformat:		false
xrefslave:	        true	
nnrpdpostport:		119
spoolfirst:		false
writelinks:		true
storageapi:	        true
articlemmap:	        true  	
overviewmmap:	        true	
bindaddress:		all
sourceaddress:		any
port:			119
## Keywords-in-overview options
## Enabling this without stopping innd and deleting the existing overview
## database and adding  will probably confuse a lot of things. You must 
## have compiled this support in too.
keywords:		false
keylimit:		512
keyartlimit:		100000
keymaxwords:		250
# Other options
doinnwatch:		true
innwatchsleeptime:	600
pgpverify:	        true	
controlfailnotice:      true 	
logcycles:		3
innwatchpauseload:	1500
innwatchhiload:		2000
innwatchloload:		1000
innwatchspoolspace:	8000
innwatchbatchspace:	800
innwatchlibspace:	25000
innwatchspoolnodes:	200
docnfsstat:	        true	
# ---------------------------------
# Paths to various aspects of the news system
pathnews:		/usr/local/news
pathbin:		/usr/local/news/bin
pathfilter:		/usr/local/news/bin/filter
pathcontrol:		/usr/local/news/bin/control
pathdb:			/usr/local/news/db
pathetc:		/usr/local/news/etc
pathrun:		/usr/local/news/run
pathlog:		/usr/local/news/log
pathhttp:		/usr/local/news/log
pathtmp:		/usr/local/news/tmp

# Does spool do any work anymore? If yes, how should these change? My buffer is in this directory

pathspool:		/news/snx
patharticles:		/news/snx
pathoverview:		/usr/local/news/spool/overview
pathoutgoing:		/usr/local/news/spool/outgoing
pathincoming:		/usr/local/news/spool/incoming
patharchive:		/usr/local/news/spool/archive
pathuniover:		/usr/local/news/spool/uniover
overviewname:		.overview
# ---------------------------------

-- Attached file included as plaintext by Listar --
-- File: incoming.conf

##  $Revision: $
##  incoming.conf - names and addresses that feed us news

streaming:              true   # streaming allowed by default
max-connections:        8      # per feed

peer kemer {

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