CNFS problem in storage.conf

Francis C. Swasey fswasey at
Thu Nov 25 13:33:31 UTC 1999

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Qonita wrote:

> I still dont understand what do this expire headers do.  How do they work?
> How do I know what the expire header says? 
> How do I specify an expire header, or how to have the articles having
> expire headers?
> I really dont know about this expire headers stuff.
> Can someone explain it?

The thing to remember about the storage.conf file is that you are
specifying the kind of article to store in that class.  The article that
is looking for a class to be stored in has to match the requirements
(newsgroup name, article size, expires headers value) to be accepted into
that storage class.  If you want all the articles from a particular
newsgroup to go into a class, don't specify any requirements for size or
expires headers.

The expires header is a means for the article author to tell the news
system how many days he/she'd like to have the article kept.  There is NO
guarantee that the news administrator will not ignore it.  I personally do
not believe that how long the author wants the article to be kept has any
bearing on which storage group I'm going to put the article into.
> Thanks for your answers.

You're welcome, I hope I've helped.


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