CNFS problem in storage.conf

Aidan Cully aidan at
Thu Nov 25 05:45:30 UTC 1999

On Thu, Nov 25, 1999 at 02:05:02AM, Qonita said:
> I still dont understand what do this expire headers do.  How do they work?
> How do I know what the expire header says? 
> How do I specify an expire header, or how to have the articles having
> expire headers?

It tells INN when to expire the article.  Back when everything was
traditional spool, INN would just delete the file when the Expires:
header said to.  (newsreaders stick the header in themselves.)
This is useful for, e.g., monthly FAQ postings, where you want the
message to stick around in a newsgroup for the entire month, but a
FAQ maintainer might reasonably expect the news admin to only keep
two weeks worth of news in the newsgroup.  Or, maybe also "limited-
time-offer" messages, where you don't want people to continue seeing
it after an abnormally short period of time.

The logic for the Expires: keyword in storage.conf (when I
implemented it) was that a lot of sites, like Panix, wanted to run
CNFS for all of their news storage needs, but on a reader host, it's
still necessary to honor the Expires: header.  It was easy to add
code to expire to expire to handle expiring entries *sooner* than
the cycbuff would roll over, but there wasn't really any way to hold
an article for longer than CNFS really wanted to.  So, the idea was
to be able to create a buffer for nothing but articles with very
long expire times.

But, it's probably worth mentioning in the docs that unless you know
what you're doing, it's better to leave the Expires: keyword out

Some of this may be inaccurate...  S'been a while since I've been
seriously involved in news.  Anyway, should hopefully still be

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