innfeed.conf: NULL key?

Heath Kehoe hakehoe at
Thu Nov 25 20:11:40 UTC 1999

>Nov 25 10:18:36 hub innfeed[73626]: loading /news/admin/etc/innfeed5.conf
>Nov 25 10:18:36 hub innfeed[73627]: loading /news/admin/etc/innfeed.conf
>Nov 25 10:18:36 hub innfeed[73626]: ME config file error: NULL key 
>Nov 25 10:18:36 hub innfeed[73627]: ME config file error: NULL key 
>Still searching for it, but so far everything looks like that which is in
>the site directory...just a "simple request"  add a line number for where
>the error is, siimilar to newsfeeds?

This stuff in innfeed/configfile.y which was added recently is the culprit:

    /* Avoid conflicts with parsedate.y's generated yacc code. */
    #define yy_yyv  innfeed_yy_yyv
    #define yyact   innfeed_yyact
    #define yychk   innfeed_yychk
    #define yydef   innfeed_yydef
    #define yyexca  innfeed_yyexca
    #define yylval  innfeed_yylval
    #define yypact  innfeed_yypact
    #define yypgo   innfeed_yypgo
    #define yyr1    innfeed_yyr1
    #define yyr2    innfeed_yyr2
    #define yys     innfeed_yys
    #define yyv     innfeed_yyv
    #define yyval   innfeed_yyval

Rip it out and rebuild.


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