innfeed.conf: NULL key?

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Nov 25 20:23:07 UTC 1999

Heath Kehoe <hakehoe at> writes:

> This stuff in innfeed/configfile.y which was added recently is the
> culprit:

>     /* Avoid conflicts with parsedate.y's generated yacc code. */
>     #define yy_yyv  innfeed_yy_yyv
>     #define yyact   innfeed_yyact
>     #define yychk   innfeed_yychk
>     #define yydef   innfeed_yydef
>     #define yyexca  innfeed_yyexca
>     #define yylval  innfeed_yylval
>     #define yypact  innfeed_yypact
>     #define yypgo   innfeed_yypgo
>     #define yyr1    innfeed_yyr1
>     #define yyr2    innfeed_yyr2
>     #define yys     innfeed_yys
>     #define yyv     innfeed_yyv
>     #define yyval   innfeed_yyval

> Rip it out and rebuild.

Er... why isn't this working?  parsedate's been doing exactly the same
thing for years and it's always worked fine, and this tactic is
specifically recommended in the automake manual.

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