INN's install program

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Nov 26 05:18:56 UTC 1999

Richard Michael Todd <rmtodd at> writes:

> This is evil, but

> perl -e 'print $>,"\n";'

> will return the numeric userid, and you pretty much have to have perl
> around for INN to work these days anyway.

Thanks... several people suggested using Perl, which I'd forgotten about,
so I did that and ended up with:

PERLWHOAMI      = $(PERL) -e 'print scalar getpwuid($$>), "\n"'
WHOAMI          = (whoami || /usr/ucb/whoami || $(PERLWHOAMI)) 2> /dev/null

which seems to work correctly.  I'm not sure if everything currently works
for non-root make update, but it should mostly work; any additional bug
reports or fixes gratefully accepted.  INN now uses a slightly modified
version of the standard autoconf/automake install-sh script, and support
for make -j should be much better now.

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