Overview error ??

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 26 08:48:06 UTC 1999

Qonita <qoni198 at puspa.cs.ui.ac.id> writes:

> this is the error message I got from the syslog just after I restart
> rc.news :

>  inndstart: Reading config from /usr/local/news/etc/inn.conf
>  innd: OVER cant open overview file: Permission denied
>  innd: OVERopen failed, line 4
>  innd: SERVER cant get config for the unified overview

> anyone know what does it tell?

Sounds like you've got a file permission problem somewhere, either with
the overview.ctl file or with the actual overview buffers themselves.
Make sure those files are owned by user news (or whatever your news user
is).  In particular, they shouldn't be owned by root.

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