Overview error ??

Qonita qoni198 at puspa.cs.ui.ac.id
Fri Nov 26 09:15:11 UTC 1999

On 26 Nov 1999, Russ Allbery wrote:

> > this is the error message I got from the syslog just after I restart
> > rc.news :
> >  inndstart: Reading config from /usr/local/news/etc/inn.conf
> >  innd: OVER cant open overview file: Permission denied
> >  innd: OVERopen failed, line 4
> >  innd: SERVER cant get config for the unified overview
> Sounds like you've got a file permission problem somewhere, either with
> the overview.ctl file or with the actual overview buffers themselves.

I found the problem, it's the file
     and ~news/spool/uniover/1/overview which are owned by root.

thanks for your help.

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