'make update' definitely broken

Elena Samsonova E.Samsonova at planetinternet.nl
Mon Nov 1 15:47:39 UTC 1999

On 23 Oct 1999, Russ Allbery wrote:

> Elena Samsonova <E.Samsonova at planetinternet.nl> writes:
> > Mmmm, we're not done yet.  For some reason configure discards my
> > libcrypt saying that there's no crypt() in it, but when I try to compile
> > your little test program by hand, it works fine.  And my libcrypt does
> > contain crypt (it's from GNU 2.0 binaries on Caldera OpenLinux 2.2).  So
> > I added -lcrypt to LIBS and it worked.
> Does it work fine without adding -lcrypt to LIBS?

No, it does not link.  When you get to reader authentication files, it
complains with unresolved symbol crypt (logical when you don't link the
right library).


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