Very strange

meowing at meowing at
Mon Nov 1 14:40:14 UTC 1999

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Paul Tomblin wrote:

> Nov  1 09:06:05 freenet9 innfeed[327]: ME lock in-use already:
> /usr/lib/news/spool/innfeed/freenet-news.lock by pid 326

> This didn't stop until I did a "ctlinnd reload all ''".  Pid 326 is
> controlchan, and pid 327 is innfeed.  Any idea what I should be
> looking for in the logs for a clue?

The reload all command restarted the conflicting processes so that they no
longer "owned" the uucp-style lock files.  It just means the system
must've done something like rebooting overnight and grabbed PIDs close to
the ones INN used again on the next reboot, so there were now living,
unrelated PIDs corresponding to the stuff in the lock files.

You might want to toss a little something into your startup scripts to
blow away stray lock files so it doesn't happen again, but it's an
ancient, known problem with that style of locking and that kind of
conflict is relatively unusual.

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