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Paul Tomblin ptomblin at
Mon Nov 1 14:42:02 UTC 1999

Quoting brister at (brister at
> The pid of the old innfeed before the crash was 326 and when the system came
> up controlchan got that pid. Innfeed stores its pid into a file so later
> instances can check that it's still running before they do anything. innfeed
> saw the pid in the file was being used, but just assumed it was another copy
> of itself. The locking innfeed uses is a very portable, but no very
> robust. Something a little more modern (and now more portable) should be done.

Wouldn't it make sense then that the startup script in /etc/rc.d or whereever
should clean out the lock files?  Because if the server is usually started on
system startup, it's very likely to get similary low PIDs each time.

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