dbzinit error ...

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Wed Nov 3 22:30:26 UTC 1999

Heath Kehoe <hakehoe at norand.com> writes:

> I recently saw something like this too, when I first built INN with
> largefile enabled.  My OS (HP/UX) has a similar largefile api as
> Solaris, I think.

That would somewhat surprise me and would be very cool... where did you
find documentation of that?  I was looking for that and couldn't find it.

> But since the getconf thing in configure doesn't work with HP/UX, I
> added the necessary compile flags manually.  When I added
> "-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64" to the CFLAGS and rebuit everything, I got the
> same error.  Also got something similar with makedbz.  But when I also
> add "-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE" when building, it works fine.  I don't know
> what changes when I add that extra define, but I'll try to track it down
> when I get a chance.

The combination of the two on Solaris increases the actual size of a bunch
of data types for you behind the scenes, as well as automatically mapping
all of your calls to file manipulation functions to the 64-bit varients.
I forget what just having one or the other will do, but it'll probably
give you something inconsistent (like 64-bit off_t and 32-bit function

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