dbzinit error ...

Heath Kehoe hakehoe at norand.com
Thu Nov 4 15:24:06 UTC 1999

>Okay, now i'm really confused...this is a system that has been running for
>the past long time with no problems...why has this suddenly creep'd up?
>has my history file gotten too large?  its <1gig in size...hell, due to
>recent drive problems, I'm down ~1/2 the disk space I used to have for
>cnfs buffers...

Going back to the original problem, which was:
Nov  3 00:41:54 hub innd: SERVER cant dbzinit /news/admin/db/history Numerical argument out of domain

This may have nothing to do with the largefiles stuff we were talking
about.  It seems that in dbz.c there are some places where the code
sets errno to EDOM when it has a problem.  I'd guess that one of your
history.* files got corrupt... try running makedbz -o.


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